The Lincoln Academy of Illinois’ 2014 Laureate Convocation

Carmel Creative produces The Lincoln Academy of Illinois’ 2014 Laureate Convocation held in Chicago, IL on May 3, 2014.

Due to the recent election cycle we thought it would be fun to share this event we produced. We credentialed over 65 press teams and had a stunningly successful evening managing many different aspects. We were thrilled to receive Hillary Clinton and her team and make her acceptance of this honor seamless and enjoyable. Carmel Creative worked closely with the Lincoln Academy, the Secret Service, local, State and Federal authorities to ensure that all risk management procedures were followed. 

Each spring, at a ceremony that is held in different locations in the state, Illinoisans with notable achievements are inducted as Laureates into the Order of Lincoln, which is the state’s highest honor. Each fall, in the Old State Capitol, Student Laureates are inducted into the Order of Lincoln. In this way we recognize and honor greatness and support students. Students also receive the Abraham Lincoln Civic Engagement Certificate and monetary grant. The incumbent Governor of Illinois serves as President of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois, which administers the Order of Lincoln.