Projection Mapping as Messaging

Projection mapping isn’t new, but it is becoming more popular as the central focus of an event. When video mapping started, it was considered an element for the main event: a backdrop for the general session, moving wallpaper for the band, and in general: another graphic element. Now, we see projection mapping as the central focus. It’s being used to tell the brand’s story or to be the main element.  Video mapping is now fully integrated into the messaging and content of the show. It has grown far beyond decorative eye candy.

We wanted to highlight some innovative projection mapping that is telling stories in intriguing ways.

Launching a  look:

G02 Productions helped Southwest Airlines launch a new look with video mapping. Using over 13,000 square feet, they created a hanger space in which to show the original airplane’s look – only to blast the paint and logo off in order to reveal the new branding.  It’s a fabulous example of using projection mapping as a method to show a process on a timeline that doesn’t exist and while delivering the brand’s new message.  A brand reveal of this magnitude does require secrecy, a sense of suspense and lots of audio effects.


Creating a historical timeline and a reveal:

In this example, Christie Digital created a timeline of the history of The Vienna Sofiensaal, a grand ballroom that had been destroyed by fire and reopened in December 2013. This is a spectacular piece as it shows the original architectural look of the ballroom, a simulated fire as it is destroyed and the current architectural reiteration. The new architecture is revealed when they draw back the projection mapping drape. The live music element adds an artistic component and the sound effects immerse the audience in the experience. It is an incredibly effective and moving installation.



Creating an immersive experience:

We love this piece by the Hungarian company, Limelight. They do everything from Light Festivals to corporate events around the world. “Interconnection” was one of many in a projection mapping competition in which Limelight won both the Jury’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award. The video opens the 3-D space and then reconstructs it in a truly great example that defies the mapping surface. The music contributes to the feeling of otherworldliness as images split open, buildings deconstruct and original forms take shape. Stunning.



We will showcase some more video mapping in the weeks to come. It’s fascinating to see its application globally- for both corporate and public events.