Chicago Venture Summit 2018

A summit for Chicago’s venture capital and tech community.

Following the success of the 2014, 2016, and 2017 summits, the 2018 Chicago Venture Summit yet again curated unique networking opportunities among Chicago’s tech leaders, local investors, and the influencers of the city’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem. The programming highlighted emerging technology companies and financing opportunities, and attendees will got an inside look at how prominent VCs assess investment opportunities, learn the strategies of corporate venture funds, and heard how Chicago’s universities are developing some of tomorrow’s top entrepreneurs and innovators.

This event for Chicago’s venture and tech community was produced by Carmel Creative along with other talented vendors and partners and graciously hosted by Google Chicago. Carmel Creative wrote the run of show and created all the media assets for the event as well as organized catering, seating, green rooms, registration as well as print materials such as badges and signage. In tandem with Google’s amazing on site staff we together pulled off an incredible day packed full of information and energy to feed into the already buzzing Chicago tech sector. With the VIP event hosted at Chase Tower’s 50th floor, a wonderful party at River Roast, and more, this was a huge success all the way around and Carmel Creative was honored to take part for another iteration of this incredible event for the city of Chicago.


Below is an example of a walk on motion graphic video we produced for CVS. It is shortened here but these walk on videos last the entirety of a presenter’s walk on to the stage or presentation area.

Motion Graphics Example

Photos From The Event