Erikson Institute 50th Anniversary Events

Carmel Creative provided consulting services for a series of events over the arc of a one-year period to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Erikson Institute. We also produced three unique events varying in size from 100-700 people that engaged Erikson staff, alumni, patrons, supporters, and community members while attracting new audiences.

Motion Graphics

We started with our Creative Info Download (CID) with Erikson Institute, in which we assemble all info needed for us to formulate our creative brief and project charter. This allows us to fully embody our client’s vision for the event and allows for greater autonomy in later portions of the project timeline. This also saves Erikson Institute time and stress, allowing them to focus on other parts of their organization while simultaneously empowering us at Carmel Creative to more completely utilize our assets. We then formed the brand position and message, consistent visual media looks, run of show, scripts, and all other creative elements. Following this, we created a high level plan as well as a tactical level plan to aide in completion of all logistical tracking and activation. Our bespoke CID process helps to deliver not only a consistent and stunning creative experience, but a level of planning and tactical proficiency otherwise unattainable.


We created custom motion graphics that were on message and consistent with Erikson Institute’s vision. We created many elements from video intros for presenters to walk-in videos to slide shows for digital signage at all three events. Following the final luncheon event, we also edited final video assets for the client’s social media posts and internal event archiving.



Carmel Created a custom fabricated centerpiece that helped to broadcast the 50th Anniversary messaging – how Erikson Institute is a thought leader in the early childhood development arena.  These laser cut centerpieces ultimately added greatly to the table conversation while providing a cool up-lit focal point for each table. Below are some of the draft components used to make the final centerpiece.


Erikson Institute selected their favorite draft and we took any suggestions they may have and mass produced the final product for use at their events. We produced, delivered and set up 78 centerpieces with our staff on site at Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago. As is usual with our clients and the custom centerpieces, they were so beloved by Erikson Institute that they were all taken home to be put in offices or to be reused for other events.




We also booked the talent for these three events. We aided in negotiation of terms and contracts as well as technical/hospitality riders for all talent. There was an element of live music at each event to provide a dynamic and more genuine soundscape to the three events. Whether it be the live guitarist backing the Moth Radio Event or the three piece band playing on presenters at the Luncheon Event, it was a noticeable difference at all three events from prerecorded music.