Carmel Creative Team

Lead by President and CEO, Tuey Connell,  Carmel Creative has a full staff of media and event production professionals. Our team members possess a swath of different expertise which cover all facets of events and media projects. Our team will assist you from the ground floor to the very final realization and presentation of your vision. With driven and highly diverse creative and technical teams, Carmel Creative is the industry’s best for positioning your brand and accurately transmitting your message to your audience.

Tuey “I am a veteran of the event industry for over 25-years. Strategy, communication and the live event are my touch points. I design, produce and manage events that broadcast brand and client messaging and experiences with a balance of energy and finesse. Carmel is my Chicago-based company that excels at brand management and your event and meeting experience. ”

Tuey Connell
Chief Creative Thinker, CMM
Carmel Creative


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