IIT TECH-X Award 2017

Carmel Creative produces the inaugural IIT TECH-X Awards Show.

Illinois Institute of Technology hosted this inaugural event June 27, 2017 on Chicago’s near west side at Morgan MFG. The committee, consisting of many prominent Chicago and global members, decided to honor Howard Tullman, CEO at 1871. It was an awards dinner packed with custom media, a brass band, an interactive iPad trivia game, a live DJ with a guitar player and saxophone accompaniment, and even a dog which delivered a gift to the stage for the award winner. It was a jam-packed creative show with many moving pieces and dynamic elements. 

Carmel Creative was brought in as a creative producing partner to write the show and create an engaging event. Along with our motion graphics package, we were also responsible for writing, scheduling shoots, capturing, editing, and finalizing all the video content for the event as well as delivering a post event overview video for IIT.